the person doing the words

hello and welcome

I’m Denica, and thanks for popping onto my page

So, this patch of mine is about travel, photography and discoveries. Mostly those in Tokyo and Japan although I cast further afield now and again.

Leaving the U.K for something more tangible than paperwork, and something more exciting than 8 to 5, I vaguely decided that I’d travel. I applied to a few companies and programmes, and found myself in Japan; a country whose reputation seems to glitter with eccentricity and excitement, and yet that throughly acknowledged repuation is so entirely different from its reality.

This left me a question.

Can I harness my experinece as a writer to share what I’ve found? Can I bridge the gap? I I set up a blog I could tell my friends and family about my life, travels and about how incomprehensibly different, and beautiful, everything is. So,  I created a blog, picked up my Canon, and set off. Since then I’ve been published in Tokyo Weekender, National Geographic, and private comissions beginning to come my way.

Perhaps you’ll read about my discoveries. Or perhaps not. Either way, I hope you enjoy.


Find me on insta, twitter or by email

i: denicashute

t: mappinglanes



The Mapping Lanes artwork was created by the excellent Joe McCarthy, author of the bycicle travel blog


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